Gidey Berhe (Natural) - Ethiopia
Gidey Berhe (Natural) - Ethiopia
Gidey Berhe (Natural) - Ethiopia
Gidey Berhe (Natural) - Ethiopia

Gidey Berhe (Natural) - Ethiopia

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Ripe strawberry, dried cranberry and Muscat and pear, with a velvety mouthfeel and tropical sweetness.

Farm: Limu Kossa Estate
Region: Djimma, Limu Kossa
Country: Ethiopia
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1,840 - 2,130m
Variety: Heirloom Bourbon & Typica
Producer: Gidey Berhe Retta
Sourced By: Melbourne Coffee Merchants


Gidey Berhe Retta is the owner of a 356-hectare farm in Limu Kossa, which is located in the Djimmah Zone in the South Western highlands of Ethiopia  Oromia State, 52km to the west of Djimma town.

Gidey’s farm is called Limu Kossa Estate and was established in 2000. It sits at 1,840–2,130m above sea level and is meticulously maintained under Gidey’s watchful eye. The sizable estate is broken into 15 hectare sections, that are clearly marked and the varieties planted within each recorded. Coffee grows under the shade of native trees, which provide an important habitat for the native animals and helps maintain the biodiversity in the area.

Gidhey farms the estate organically and also has UTZ and Rainforest alliance certifications. Honey (pulled natural) process coffee is also produced on the estate, which has 107 beehives and a lot of very happy bees! This coffee is a mix of local varieties, including native coffees from forest origin that are collectively known as ‘Ethiopian Heirloom’. All of these varieties are Arabica and most originate from a Typica predecessor, but with wild mutations that result in some exceptional and unique flavour profiles.

This coffee was picked and processed at Limu Kossa estate. 400 seasonal worker are employed during the harvest to carefully hand pick the coffee, doing multiple passes throughout the season to ensure only the very ripest cherries are selected. This particular lot from Limu Kossa is classified as Grade 1, indicating that a lot of effort has been put into the selection, grading and drying to ensure the very highest quality coffee is produced. It has been naturally processed - a complex method requiring a high level of attention to detail in order to be done well. Ethiopian coffee has been processed this way by generations of farmers who have mastered the art of the natural method through centuries of tradition and experience.

Each day, carefully hand-picked coffee cherries are delivered to the mill on the estate and are meticulously hand-sorted prior to processing to remove unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit, in order to enhance the quality and sweetness of the cup. The coffee is then graded by weight and spread evenly on raised African beds (screens) to dry – initally under cover for 24 hours and then in the full sun for 7 – 10 days. Initially, it is laid very thinly and turned regularly to ensure consistent drying and prevent over-fermentation. This is done very carefully to avoid damage to the fruit.

After a few days, when the coffee has reached 25% humidity—this is called the “raisin stage”—the layers of coffee are gradually increased. Careful attention and control during this drying phase ensures the coffee is stable and that a clean and balanced cup profile is achieved. The coffee is turned constantly whilst drying to ensure that it dries evenly and consistently. At midday, the coffee is covered to protect it from full sun. It is also covered overnight to prevent damage from morning dew. Once the coffee reaches 12% humidity, it is hulled and rested in bags in parchment until it is ready for export.

Gidey is known for his passion and integrity within the local Limu Kossa community and is well loved. Many call him Abba Ollie (“the one who uplifts”). He cares deeply about coffee quality and community development and works hard to share his knowledge and better quality varieties to surrounding farmers, in order to help them improve their quality and get access to better prices. His farm is also an excellent example of agro-forestry, with coffee growing as close to wild as commercially possible.


We are a small batch roaster of traceable coffees based in Adelaide, South Australia.

To us 'traceable' designates two key things - quality and provenance; we only roast coffees of the highest quality and coffees that are traded in a traceable and sustainable manner. We feel as the roaster it is our role to firstly - roast only to preserve and highlight the individual qualities inherent in each coffee due to the meticulous work of the producers, and secondly - to make sure you know who those producers are and where your coffee came from.

We believe in an economically sustainable supply chain, wherin everybody from the consumer to the farmer is empowered. To that end we only roast coffees that are sourced in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. We go to lengths to ensure all players in the supply chain are remunerated fairly and have access to the same knowledge - most pertinently those in producing countries, who are currently benefiting the least from trade and simultaneously bearing the most risk.

Together we can change that.

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