Gitwe Hill (Natural) - Burundi

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If you haven't tried Glühwein it is warmed, sweetened and spiced red wine - it is utterly delicious - and this coffee completely captures the experience (minus the booze).

Washing Station: Heza
Owner: Long Miles Coffee Project
Region: Kayanza
Country: Burundi
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2,050 m
Varieties: Bourbon
Sourced By: Direct with FTA


To know the people of Gitwe hill is to experience strength personified. The chief of Gitwe hill may be small in stature but like the people he leads, his spirit makes him a giant. Gitwe hill is the closest hill to Long Mile’s Heza wash- ing station. As neighbors, we’ve already begun working together. When Heza needed more water to operate, we asked Gitwe’s leaders for help. Our solution was to build a well for the community that could also provide fresh spring water for Heza.

With panoramic views of the Kibira forest and the mountains of the Congo, Gitwe hill has no shortage of beauty. Rich soil provides a home to many different crops, including coffee. The value that Gitwe hill places on grow- ing coffee can be plainly seen in the care they have taken to mulch and prune their coffee trees.

For 21 years the people of Gitwe found small ways to survive as war echoed around them. Since the war ended in 1994 the people of Gitwe have worked towards one thing. Unity. Many of their animals and crops were poached during the war, so now their hope is to work together to rejuvenate their hill. They hope to see it plentiful in livestock and covered in new coffee trees.

About Long Miles Coffee Project:

"We are a small American family living in Burundi, which is smack dab in the heart of east Africa. We are passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the coffee farmers who grow it. We weren’t always coffee producers. First, we were a family with a dream.

Our dream was that one day we could facilitate direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers by producing great coffee and telling the story of the farmers who grow it. If we could do that, then the local farming community would thrive and the world would gain the gift of great Burundi coffee.

After some time sourcing coffee in Burundi, we realized that the only way we could see our dream come true was to build a washing station. That way, we could control the coffee quality and the price the farmers were given for their coffee. In our first season, with the help of our friends and devoted blog readers, we sold all the coffee before it even hit the drying tables. This overwhelming support allowed us to pay our farmers months before any other washing station in our area, and we quickly became established as a vital part of the community.

Living as a family in this part of Africa isn’t always easy, and sometimes we share the raw and honest truth about what that’s like on our blog. We rattle on about our Faith, raising boys in Africa and the expat life. We also share the stories of our coffee farmers, what it’s like at our washing stations and how we brew our morning coffee. So, if you want the real deal about life, hit that blog button.

If you are a roaster and would like to contact us about building a relationship with our family that works for both you and our farmers, please hit the contact button. If you are a lover of coffee or Africa or travel or adventure and you just want to connect with us, we’d love to hear from you too.

'Murakoze cane' (thank you very much),

The Carlson Family (Ben, Kristy, Myles, Neo, and Ariana)"