Sitio Taquara (Natural) - Brazil
Sitio Taquara (Natural) - Brazil
Sitio Taquara (Natural) - Brazil
Sitio Taquara (Natural) - Brazil

Sitio Taquara (Natural) - Brazil

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Floral, raisin, strawberry, brilliant acidity, good body, long finalization.

Country: Brazil
State: Minas Gerais
Region: Alto Caparao – Matas de Minas
Altitude: 1,000 masl
Variety: Red Catuaí
Processing: Natural
Owner: Quezia Tavares da Silva & Geovane Tavares
Sourced By: Southland Merchants


Being 4th generation coffee producers, Quezia and Geovane were born and raised in an extraordinary and passionate coffee environment. After long years into coffee as growers they came to know about the world of specialty coffee and were straight way interested to learn more. Hard work and persistence have always been part of their journey, and in 2011 they realised it was time to take their farm to another level - seeking qualification and knowledge that lead them to produce great coffee with unique aromas and unforgettable flavours.

Quezia then decided to go ahead with a Q-Grader certification to be able to have a better understanding of specialty coffee standards as well as grade their own produce, whilst her partner Geovane focused on the producing side of things - learning and making all the effort to be able to implement the best practices to the farm. Even though they had made all the steps necessary to produce amazing coffees they still struggled to get their product out there and known by overseas customers - who would reward their hard work and great quality - which made them think for a moment of giving up.

"We want to further improve the quality and production of our coffee, invest in structure, courses and projects to make this happen. We do not just want to take our coffees to consumers, but our beautiful story and dedication for what we love doing, which is to produce high quality coffee. And may our children follow our example, and God willing, may they go even further.” Quezia says.

With a distinct topography featuring rugged mountain terrains and large variations in elevation (between 400 and 1,100 meters above sea level) Matas de Minas makes a perfect region for growing specialty coffees. Because of its specific features, special care is taken in growing all the crops of the region. Coffee is harvested manually to select for only the most mature beans, the plants are planted with a wider spacing and so receive a higher instances of sunlight, only treated water is used for washing and pulping the beans and drying is done meticulously and carefully. Together all these factors favour the production of the highest quality coffees - full-bodied, with interesting nuances in both aroma and flavour.


We are a small batch roaster of traceable coffees based in Adelaide, South Australia.

To us 'traceable' designates two key things - quality and provenance; we only roast coffees of the highest quality and coffees that are traded in a traceable and sustainable manner. We feel as the roaster it is our role to firstly - roast only to preserve and highlight the individual qualities inherent in each coffee due to the meticulous work of the producers, and secondly - to make sure you know who those producers are and where your coffee came from.

We believe in an economically sustainable supply chain, wherin everybody from the consumer to the farmer is empowered. To that end we only roast coffees that are sourced in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. We go to lengths to ensure all players in the supply chain are remunerated fairly and have access to the same knowledge - most pertinently those in producing countries, who are currently benefiting the least from trade and simultaneously bearing the most risk.

Together we can change that.

If you have any questions about our roasting or sourcing please don't hesitate to email us at: