Extraction Theory & Filter Brewing Methods (Advanced)

Duration 3 hours
Venue Argo on the Parade

In this course participants will delve into the science of espresso extraction and filter coffee brewing. We will cover the mechanisms and variables of extraction, explore the finer points of dialling-in coffees (including equipment adjustment), taste and learn to recognise examples of under and over extraction, discuss the effects of water chemistry and roast degree on extraction, and use a refractometer to apply objective measurements when attempting to realise the flavour potential of any coffee (with any brewing method). Along with theory discussion there will be practical demonstrations and hand-on experience using state of the art equipment.

This course is well suited to both coffee professionals wanting to more deeply understand their craft and home baristas wanting to build on their coffee knowledge - to make better espresso and filter coffee either behind the bar or in the kitchen! The course will be conducted on a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric and Alpha Dominche Steampunk, with VA Mythos One and Mahlkönig EK43 grinders.

If you have any questions regarding the course or are interested in one-on-one tuition or coaching for competition please email Adam at adam@monasterycoffee.com.au :)

Happy learning!